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Free TMS Group Preview Lesson!

This year we are excited to be launching our brand new TMS Group Piano Programs! Our Director Christine Taber has taken her twenty years of teaching experience and combined it with additional pedagogy training and her own creativity. The result is our new group piano classes that we are excited to share with you! 

Our TMS Group Piano Classes are a wonderful way to introduce your child to music. Children learn along with their parents in our large keyboard group studio and enjoy a range of musical activities such as ensemble, repertoire playing, ear development, music appreciation, composition, rhythm movement, and more! 


Wondering if group lessons are right for you?

Learning to play an instrument in a group setting has a lot of advantage:

  • Longer class times: Most group classes run at least an hour, with plenty of time for varied activities.

  • Price: An hour long group class costs less than a half hour private lesson.

  • Fun Factor: We like to call it “peer pleasure”.

  • Performance skills: Learn to perform in front of peers.

  • Ensemble skills: An element of music education that is hard to come by in a private lesson setting

Preview lessons will be running all September long, contact us today at to find out more!

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