General Information

Welcome! Wondering if Taber Music School is right for you? You can sign up for a FREE PREVIEW LESSON with any of our teachers! We offer private lessons in the following instruments:


  • Piano

  • Violin/Viola

  • Cello

  • Guitar/Bass

  • Ukulele

  • Voice

  • Cost: $30 a half hour ($60 an hour)


Just fill out our Online Registration Form to reserve your spot today!

Wondering if private or group lesson are right for you? Learning to play an instrument in a group setting has a lot of advantages:


  • Longer class times: Most group classes run at least an hour, with plenty of time for varied activities.

  • Price: An hour long group class costs less than a half hour private lesson.

  • Fun Factor: We like to call it “peer pleasure”.

  • Performance skills: Learn to perform in front of peers.

  • Ensemble skills: An element of music education that is hard to come by in a private lesson setting.

Our Yamaha Group Programs are a wonderful way to introduce your child to music. Children learn along with their parents in our six keyboard group studio and enjoy a range of musical activities such as ensemble, repertoire playing, ear development, music appreciation, composition, rhythm movement, and more! Click here to learn more about why we are a Yamaha Music School.