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Taber Music School Policy

effective date: 019/07/2021


Welcome to Taber Music School!


For a successful and enjoyable experience, please read the following School Policy.




A completed enrolment form is needed with full tuition payment before instruction may begin.

Full tuition payment may be paid either by post-dated cheques, automatic debit, or in one lump sum.


The annual Registration Fee for music lessons is $50 per family.

This fee is due at the time of registration and is non-refundable.


 A non-refundable tuition deposit of $100 per student may also be due at the time of registration and will be applied to your tuition.



Our school year runs from September until the end of June, with the option of taking lessons in the summer months as well. New students are welcome to begin lessons at any time during our school year.


Your weekly lesson time will be determined at the time of registration. As Taber Music School is a growing school with limited space, we cannot guarantee that a different lesson time will be available should a scheduling conflict arise during the year. Please plan accordingly and schedule things around your given lesson time.



Missed Private Lessons: 

Make-up lessons are offered at the discretion of the teacher and the school, who will take into consideration the circumstances surrounding the absence in question. Neither the teacher nor the school holds an obligation to provide a make-up lesson. Note: as a courtesy to teachers and other students, please stay home if ill!


Missed Group Lessons: 

The teacher will provide homework assignments for a lesson missed. Due to the nature of the program, missed group lessons cannot be made up. This applies to Yamaha Programs, Kidzrock, and Fiddle Faddle.


Cancelled Lessons: 

All lessons missed due to a teacher’s absence will be made up or provided by a substitute teacher. No credits will be given.



Please check our website for a current list of lesson fees, contact us by phone 250.590.9095, or email inquiries to info@tabermusic.com



Private Lessons

One month (4 weeks of lessons) written notification (email info@tabermusic.com) is required for permanent withdrawal from lessons before March 1st. Informing an instructor of intent to withdraw, or not attending classes, does not constitute withdrawal from lessons. Written notification to the school administrator must be given. Tuition fees for the remainder of the year will be refunded. Registration and material fees are non-refundable. No refunds will be given for notice sent after March 1st.

Group Lessons

Yamaha Group students may withdraw and be given a refund if one month written notice is given before October 31st. After October 31st, students will only be refunded for the second term (Feb-June). No refunds will be given for notice sent after December 31st.

Yamaha Group students beginning class after January 1st may withdraw and be given a refund if written notice is given before February 15. After February 15 there will be no refunds.

Kidzrock students may withdraw at any time of the year and be given a refund for remaining tuition if written notice is given before the 15 of the month.



Lessons that fall on statutory holidays have been included in the school year. Lessons not billed in the school year are during our two week Winter Break and Spring Break. For more information, please see our School Calendar in the About TMS section at the top of the page.



Announcement of closings due to weather will be recorded on our voice-mail and a notice will appear on our website. As road conditions can change during the day, please check with the school before coming to your lesson. There will be no refunds or makeup lessons given for cancelled lessons due to weather.



The Taber Music School (TMS) includes photos/images of children, students, teachers, and school activities on its website, social media, in other electronic forms, as well as in printed materials. It is our policy that teachers, administration and students images will not be used without permission. By agreeing to our school policy you give permission to TMS to use photos/images on our website, social media, in other forms of communication, as well as printed materials.



Adult students may opt to purchase punch cards for lessons instead of signing up for a full year of lessons. Punch card fees are listed on our Lesson page in the Adults section. A minimum of 24 hours notice must be given if a student wishes to cancel a lesson, otherwise the student will be billed for the missed lessons. Punch cards must be paid for in full and no refunds will be given for un-used punches. 



TMS Summer Program Policy

effective date: 05/11/2021

Summer Program Registration opens on May 11, 2021 and is open throughout the summer. Registrations will not be processed without payment. Taber Music School accepts cheque and e-transfer for summer program payment. Camp and private lesson fees must be paid in full before or on the first day of lessons. There is no registration fee for summer programs.

A 90% refund will be given if registration is cancelled 2 weeks before the start of the session. This applies to private lessons, Piano Jam, Stringz, and all summer camps. NO REFUND will be given if cancelled less than 2 weeks prior to the start of the session.


Taber Music School reserves the right to cancel a camp due to insufficient registration with full refunds and notification.

Summer music lessons are flexible. Private lesson students may sign up for a pre-determined amount of lessons during the months of July and August. MISSED CAMP/PIANO JAM/STRINGZ/LESSON DAYS No credits, refunds, or makeup for missed days, or times.


Taber Music School will continue to operate and comply with current Covid policies, as communicated by the BC Government. Camps and group lessons will have a max of 8 students. For more information about our current Covid policy please check our website at www.tabermusic.com/covid-19, or email our administrator at info@tabermusic.com