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I began playing the piano as an adult and feel very lucky to have found my way to the Taber Music School.  I have been studying with Christine for the past five years. She is an empathetic, resourceful, creative teacher.  I have benefited greatly from her skills as a gifted communicator and musician.  Taber Music School is very well run and offers a wide variety of programming.  I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for professional, high quality music instruction.


April 2023


Yousef taught me about music theory to help me better understand the sheet music and helps me find more comfortable ways to play sections I struggle with in pieces. Overall a very good and professional teacher.

Bonnie (13 years old)

March 2023

Our son has taken classes at Taber Music School for the last 8 years. He takes piano with Christine and guitar with Nima. He has gained an incredible amount of skill and feels quite comfortable performing music in front of an audience. We are happy to recommend Taber Music School to anyone.

Brian and Deb 

November 2022


My daughter has been attending Taber Music School for the past five years. She started with the Yamaha group program and transitioned into violin. Her teacher is wonderful & she really enjoys her weekly lesson. TMS is a very welcoming environment & we've always had great communication with teachers & admin.


November 2022


My daughter says she just loves playing piano! it has been such a pleasure to see her joy and confidence developed in piano over the last few years. Thank you Taber Music School! ❤️


November 2022

My daughter looks forward to her weekly lessons and idolizes Kayla. Since starting with Kayla, she has been practicing almost daily, without any reminders. It's wonderful to see her musical knowledge growing and her love of music blossoming.



January 2022


We love our class with Ms. Pamela. Upfront, she set out classroom expectations and homework requirements, which was great discipline for my son. In class, she was engaging and encouraging. She showed compassion and was passionate about teaching music. Her teaching was effective by asking the children to sing along while playing the keyboards. Her instructions were precise and easy to follow. Because of her “five minutes practice each day” rule, my son (who started the Yamaha program in September 2021) is able to recognize the different notes in reading, writing, and keyboard playing, which is remarkable.  



January 2022

It's challenging to keep kids engaged in music lessons, but teacher Kayla and Taber Music do an awesome job. Kids learn about rhythm, melody, and dynamics through songs and activities; they get exposed to different types of instruments including keyboards and drumsticks. Most importantly, both the little musicians and parents have fun! Taber Music School is indeed "Where Music Comes to Play."


December 2021


My two kids, ages 5 and 9, currently take online piano lessons with Christine and they both love it. Christine is energetic and creative in her teaching methods and responds to the needs and interests of each child. She keeps the kids excited and interested, even in the sometimes challenging remote learning environment. We highly recommend Taber Music School as a place to learn and love music!


November 2021


Our kids love that Taber Music is "Where Music Comes to Play"! They chose to take music lessons and continue to choose to come back each year because they love music and their teachers are fun, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about sharing their love of music. Most importantly, they have seen how much they can accomplish with regular instruction and loads of practice (though that practice bit took some work to establish!).



November 2021


We do appreciate the gentle, kind, warm, caring and fun nature of Kayla. We are so impressed with the progress that our son has made during his time with Kayla. She is a star and we feel so fortunate to have her as a piano teacher for our son. He loves to play and we believe that Kayla has much to do with encouraging him to learn. She leaves space for him to learn songs that he is passionate about which enhances his love for playing.



October 2021


My daughter has been fortunate to be taught piano by Pamela Liu since September 2017.  Pamela has developed an amazing relationship with her and has helped immensely in moving her up quickly to level 8. She has been very accommodating with scheduling of lessons due to her busy schedule. She is very organized and provides specific goals to work on following each lesson to apply what she's learned. Pamela is extremely dedicated to her students and makes every effort to help them reach their full potential. Taber Music is fortunate to have such a gifted and dedicated teacher as part of the team.


April 2021


I give Taber Music School 2 Thumbs Up. My daughter has been attending since September with her best friend and they love their teacher Janelle who manages to make piano lessons fun. A challenging feat when it comes to 12 year olds!! She is inspired to play her own songs like the theme from The Greatest Showman!!

Thank you Janelle and Taber!!


March 2021

Our five year old son has really enjoyed his introduction to piano with Stephanie and Taber Music School.  He is a young and active little guy, so we weren’t sure how he would handle sitting still for lessons.  He absolutely loves Stephanie and always comes out of his lessons with a huge smile!  In a few short months, he already understands some of the basic principles of reading sheet music and is very proud of the few little songs he can play.  Stephanie is kind, patient, and fun.  She makes lots of little games to help him learn skills.  Our goal was to find a studio that made music fun and exposed kids to the beauty of music and we have been very happy with Stephanie and Taber Music School on both counts.


December 2020

I bought a violin in a moment of midlife crisis three years ago, with no real plan for what I was going to do with it. Fortunately, I started lessons with Chris right away, without which I'm not sure if my instrument wouldn't be gathering dust somewhere right now. The constant inspiration and patient weekly instruction I've received over these past three years have changed my life, and I play that thing literally every day, with confidence. I'm still surprised by it, as well as my newfound ability to actually read music, which has been a lifelong dream. I can't recommend this school and its approach highly enough. Forever grateful.



October 2020



I have been a violin student of Chris Taber for two years, beginning this learning journey as a retirement project. Chris is a skilled, patient, and knowledgeable instructor who brings an enthusiastic attitude to the lessons. The lesson plans are challenging and he is flexible in incorporating my fiddle music requests into the plan. Due to the distancing curveball caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the lessons are now online, with Chris undertaking the research and set up required to deliver the lessons under this new format. Despite the challenges of teaching online, I continue to look forward to our weekly lessons. I highly recommend Chris as instructor to anyone interested in learning how to play the violin and catching Chris’ enthusiastic love for this instrument. 


June 2020

I’ve always had a fantasy about playing the violin/fiddle but never imagined I could do it. I decided to give it a try after retirement and since I’ve been studying with Chris Taber at Taber Music School, I’ve learned so much. His good-humoured enthusiasm, his patience, the manageable pacing of the lessons, and his useful tips and tricks are very encouraging to a beginner like me. We work on many genres, including Irish reels, Ukrainian folk songs, and popular classical music. I look forward to my weekly lesson—even on zoom—so much that I actually practice every day! 



June 2020

The Taber Music School has been so positive for our family! Christine and Christopher have gone above and beyond to keep our son inspired to play piano and have always made his lessons so enjoyable. It has been very exciting to watch his skills develop and to be able to celebrate his playing at the many performers club concerts and recitals. We are deeply grateful to the Taber Music School for helping to keep the love of music alive in our family!


February 2020

My daughter has been at Taber Music School for almost 2 years now and is currently taking piano and violin lessons. Her teachers are patient, kind, and encouraging. We have noticed her skills improve since she enrolled at the school. She particularly loves taking part in the Performance Clubs, and really enjoys the special events at the school- such as the Harry Potter Challenge, and now the Winter Composition Festival. As parents, the convenient location of the school is a big plus! Thank you to the Tabers for providing a warm, welcoming and professional learning environment at the school.


January 2020

Both of our daughters have taken music lessons through Taber since the age-based group lessons through to private one-on-one lessons now. They have been students of the school for nearly a decade. The teaching environment is very positive and supportive, and has instilled a love of music and a drive to expand their instrument repertoires. We can’t recommend this school highly enough for any family, child, or adult interested in learning their first instrument or polishing up technique on an instrument you already know.  Shawna has been a supportive and caring teacher and my daughters cannot wait to see her each week at their lessons. She’s not just a teacher for kids, but also was a helpful and inspirational teacher when one of the adults in our household wanted to learn piano for the first time, and the other wanted to polish up their technique. She’s a wonderful teacher!


January 2020

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