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About TMS

9 Reasons to Choose Taber Music!

  1. Great location. We are conveniently located on Quadra Street, just up from McKenzie, in the North Quadra neighbourhood.

  2. Great space. We have a rear parking lot with ample space, and five studios with natural light and soundproofing. We have high quality instruments too! Our piano lab is equipped with nine Yamaha keyboards and a Yamaha Clavinova. We also have a master class studio, with a Yamaha grand piano.

  3. Great teachers. We don't like to boast, but we are proud of our teachers. Okay, we will boast a little, they are pretty fantastic! They come with a range of degrees, talents, and tools, but they have a very important thing in common.....they love to teach!

  4. We believe that music is for sharing, and so we provide many different outlets for doing so. We give our students the opportunities to perform in festivals, examinations, and formal recitals. We also get out in the community and play at retirement homes, coffee shops, and parks. 

  5. We create well-rounded musicians. It is not just about learning the notes on the page at Taber Music. We believe in using a comprehensive teaching method with all our students. We incorporate a wide variety of musical activities in a lesson, such as note reading, by ear playing, technique, theory, composing, improvising, music appreciation, the list goes on!

  6. No two students are alike. We all learn differently and have different tastes. Some of us like to rock out to Lady Gaga, and some of us like to relax with Bach. At Taber Music, we give each student a personalized lesson that reflects the kinds of music you want to learn.

  7. Practice doesn't make perfect, practice makes permanent. There is no doubt that to succeed at a skill, like learning a musical instrument, you need to put in some practice. We all have different goals and agendas when it comes to learning music, and so our teachers work with their students to design a practice plan that fits your schedule, not ours.

  8. Keeping you motivated. At Taber Music we have something for everyone! Winter Compositions Festival, 30-Day Practice Challenge, Performers Club, Song-Writing Workshops, Ensembles and more.

  9. We are a family-run business, and so it is important to us to help make music lessons affordable for families. That is why we offer a family registration fee, and lower cost group lessons, to help more families enjoy playing music together.


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