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"Our son has taken classes at Taber Music School for the last 8 years. He takes piano with Christine and guitar with Nima. He has gained an incredible amount of skill and feels quite comfortable performing music in front of an audience. We are happy to recommend Taber Music School to anyone. Easy 5 stars."

- Brian and Deb Bellows

Private and Group Music Lessons for Kids

2024/25 Registration is now OPEN!

Music lessons can be a wonderful opportunity for kids to develop their creativity, cognitive abilities, and appreciation for music! We encourage emotional expression through music and believe playing an instrument or engaging in musical activities provides an outlet for emotions, allowing kids to relax and unwind. 

Current Music Programs for Kids

Kids Piano Lessons

Piano Adventures 
Ages 6-8

The Piano Adventures (PA) course is a great way for children to begin a lifetime enjoyment of music. The curriculum is specifically designed for 6-8 year old beginners. Musicianship skills are developed in group lessons held once per week. A TMS trained teacher motivates and guides students using excellent materials and a systematic approach to keyboard playing. Music Skills Development is the main focus of Piano Adventures. Through a variety of activities, each student is able to experience and enjoy: ear training, singing, solo repertoire, ensemble playing, keyboard, and music theory. Students that complete Piano Adventures Year 1 move onto Piano Adventures Year 2. The following class times are available in our 2024/25 School Year: Mondays 5:00-5:45pm or Tuesdays 3:30-4:15pm or Saturdays 2:00-2:45pm Tuition: $89.75/month + materials (Based on 38 lessons in the school year. Monthly fees are adjusted based on the time of registration). Sign up for a FREE TRIAL on either August 17th or September 7th at 11am!

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Beginner Family Ukulele
Ages 7+

Ukulele is the perfect instrument to learn as a family! Sign up with your child and learn how to hold, strum and play basic melodies and chords. Full of fun popular music, this class is sure to make some great family memories. You will have your own song book to play from.No experience necessary, must have a ukulele (rented or owned) to participate. 2024/25 Class times coming soon! Tuition: $248 (Tuition covers one parent and one child)

Piano Adventures
Kids Music Lessons
Private Lessons
Ages 8 - 12 years

Study with one of our friendly and patient teachers in our comfortable and well-equipped music studios. Set your own personal goals with your teacher and enjoy your progress. We hold a weekend of Year-End Recitals in June, as well as other performance opportunities at the school and in the community throughout the year. Students are also encouraged to participate in any/all of the following: Practice Competitions, Composing, Music Theory, Ear Training, RCM Exams, Festivals, Ensemble Club, Musicians of the Month, and more! We offer one-on-one lessons in piano, voice, guitar, ukulele, violin, viola, and cello! Date & Time: Lessons are scheduled weekly Monday-Saturday. Contact us for available spaces and more info! Tuition: $123/month (Based on 38 lessons in the school year. Monthly fees are adjusted based on the time of registration).

Five Benefits of Music Lessons for Kids

Cognitive Development

Music helps in the development of neural pathways involved in language, reasoning, spatial-temporal skills, and mathematical thinking.


Learning to play an instrument helps children develop an emotional vocabulary, as they learn to interpret and convey different moods and feelings through music.

Fine Motor Skills and Coordination

Regular practice helps children refine their motor skills, finger strength, and hand-eye coordination, which can have a positive impact on their overall physical development.

and Focus

By setting goals and working towards them, children learn the value of perseverance and develop a strong work ethic.

Social Skills and Confidence

Music provides children with opportunities for social interaction, collaboration, and teamwork. They learn to listen to others, cooperate, and communicate effectively with their peers.

What makes our music school different?

We're locally owned and operated! We opened our doors in 2006 and continued to independently operate in the Greater Victoria Area as a family friendly music school.

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