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Meet the Teachers of Taber Music School!

We are a unique group of music lovers who believe music is for everyone. It can be vulnerable learning to play an instrument or exploring your vocals, which is why we train our teachers to build students' confidence to keep them engaged and learning.

Christine Taber

Christine Taber

Piano, TMS Group Class Instructor, Play Piano Chords Today Instructor, Owner and Director

Christine began piano lessons with her Mom as soon as she could reach the keyboard. As a child she also enjoyed lessons in violin, flute, singing, and composing. Christine began teaching piano lessons at the age of 16 and received her Yamaha teacher training at 18. She loves teaching in both private and group settings and believes in using a comprehensive method filled with fun to inspire and motivate her students. After meeting her husband, Christopher, the two decided to pool their mutual love of music and teaching to create the Taber Music School.


Christine has her ARCT in piano performance, and is a member of the BCRMTA (British Columbia Registered Music Teachers Association). When she is not at the piano she can be found playing with her three little boys, walking her dog, or baking something with chocolate!

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Christopher Taber

Violin, Piano, TMS Group Class Instructor, Fiddle Faddle, Owner

Originally from Washington State, Christopher Taber received full scholarship to study at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and San Francisco State University, where he graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Music degree. Christopher has been a featured soloist with the Sooke Philharmonic Orchestra, Port Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Victoria Chamber Orchestra, and Port Townsend Symphony. He was Concertmaster of the Sooke Philharmonic Orchestra from 2004-2008. Christopher is currently a member of the Music Corner Ensemble, a group of four musicians that combine storytelling with classical music. He was also a core violinist in the Victoria Symphony.


Christopher loves teaching students of all ages to play the violin/viola. He uses all styles of music to inspire his students, with the goal to give them a life-long love of music.

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Majid Abhari

Piano, TMS Group Class Instructor

Majid is a passionate piano teacher who believes in fostering a love of music in his students and helping them discover their own musical voice. Over the last ten years Majid has worked with students of all ages and skill levels, from young beginners to advanced adults. As a teacher, Majid believes that patience is key, and he has found much success in motivating his students through a fun and encouraging atmosphere.


Majid is not only a passionate teacher, but a passionate fan of the NBA and European soccer as well. You can also often find him playing video games, as he loves to engage in interactive and immersive virtual worlds as well.

Mary Coling

Mary Coling


Born in a small mining town in Quebec, Mary Coling moved to Toronto after high school to study at the Royal Conservatory of Music. There she received her ARCT and explored lessons in piano, organ, and theory. Mary began her musical career in Toronto where she worked as a private instructor for many years while engaging in work as a church music director, organist, and choir director. She continued her work in Waterloo, Ontario while she also raised 2 children. In 2020, Mary decided to move to Vancouver Island to be closer to her family, and quickly realized that she was missing her usual musical activities. This led her to Taber Music School in 2022, where she has embarked on a new teaching adventure.


Mary enjoys teaching students of all ages and skill levels, while helping them to fulfill their goals by giving them the necessary tools to succeed. She believes in giving students a comprehensive method of learning, which includes exploring technique, theory, sight reading, ear training, and varied repertoire. She is happy to assist students in whatever their musical journey may be, from recitals to competitions, RCM exams, or simply the love of music.

Erin Cunes

Erin Cunes

Voice, Piano

Erin Cunes is a Canadian Mezzo-Soprano with a passion for education. She received her Bachelor of Music in vocal performance from l’Université de Montreal and completed her vocal studies at the Victoria Conservatory of Music with Selena James.

She has performed with Canadian opera companies such as Pacific Opera Victoria and on the symphonic stage with Canadian symphonies such as the Montreal Symphony and the Victoria Symphony.

Erin has been on faculty as a voice teacher at the Victoria Conservatory of Music and at St. Margaret’s girls school. In addition, she spent two years studying Yoga in Uttar Pradesh, India. 

Erin combines her expertise in vocal production with her knowledge of the body to lead her students systematically towards free, open and healthy singing technique.

Adam Dyjach

Adam Dyjach

Voice, Piano

A native of Waterloo Ontario, Adam holds a Masters Degree in Voice Performance from the University of Victoria. He has also completed levels I, II and III of Somatic Voicework ™The LoVetri Method Levels and incorporates its principles into his teaching. Adam believes that the voice is a means of communication. "It is important that we, as singers and artists, have the necessary tools to produce the sounds that different styles of music require. Only then can we sing and convey the meaning of the music as well as the text with complete freedom and ease.  His mission is to help students discover their own authentic voice and to empower them to use it with confidence as a means of expressing themselves." 


In addition to singing, Adam also teaches piano. He believes that all students are different and that lessons should be tailored to the individual's specific needs and goals. Adam hopes to instill an appreciation of all genres and styles of music in his students. He believes music lessons should be educational, joyful, therapeutic and most importantly, fun.

Pat Fabrick

Pat Fabrick

Guitar, Ukulele, Beginner Violin

Pat is an experienced, versatile guitar teacher with a passion for improvisation and composition. Over the last 30 years he has transcribed many styles of popular guitar music to help meet the exact interests of students and develop a method of teaching that is flexible and inspiring.

With an emphasis on fun and creativity, Pat loves to incorporate music theory as well as different techniques into lessons, all tailored to the student's needs and desires. From silly to serious, electric to acoustic, children to adults; students of any level are invited and welcome to explore their dreams in his studio.

Pat also plays ukulele, mandolin, tenor banjo, bass, as well as some violin and occasional erhu. In his spare time he loves to record personal music compositions and has also written two books for future publication.

Nima Kolmohammadi

Nima Kolmohammadi

Guitar, Ukulele, Bass

Nima has a Bachelor's degree in guitar performance at Tehran University of Art, and completed his Master's degree in guitar performance at University of Victoria in 2020.

His most recent performances include: Classical Guitar Recital at Phillip T. Young Recital Hall and performing at Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival (GVPAF).

Nima has been a music teacher for over 15 years. Studying many guitar methods and genres, as well as teaching to many students of different ages and interests has helped Nima become a very experienced and professional music instructor.

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Yousef Shadian

Piano, Theory

Music has been a part of Yousef’s life ever since starting piano lessons at age 12, whether through learning and performing piano works, performing with others in chamber music settings and ensembles, or composing and arranging music. Despite studying and completing a bachelor’s degree of Civil Engineering in 2020, he started accompanying other musicians on the piano professionally in 2018. Since his degree, Yousef has dedicated all of his time to his work in the field of music.

His interest in composing, as well as the analytical skill set developed from his engineering studies, has facilitated a love of music theory and viewing musical challenges as fun puzzles to solve. He hopes to instill that same sense of fun puzzle solving in his students, so that they may find their music education continuously engaging and fun.

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Andrew Sly


Whether it be from his early training in Suzuki and Kodaly music education programs, to his most recent exploration in accompanying as a church organist, Andrew has always kept music near and dear to his heart. Born and raised in Victoria, Andrew completed his diploma in piano performance and teaching from the Victoria Conservatory of Music. His keen interest in musical studies also led him to explore other facets of music-making, from singing in a wide variety of vocal ensembles, to studying twentieth century music.


As a teacher, Andrew believes in tailoring lessons to the needs of each individual student. As a father himself, he knows that every child is unique and so he strives to offer a well-rounded musical education for all, in a fun and enjoyable way!

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Amanda Steinemann

Violin, Viola, Piano, TMS Group Class Instructor

Amanda is a multitalented instrumentalist and composer who loves to express herself through many different facets of music-making. From orchestral playing to chamber and fiddle music, Amanda has experience performing with many different kinds of ensembles.Through her compositions you can often find a nod to film, TV, and video game music, as she loves making arrangements of well-known music from these industries.

As a teacher, Amanda believes it’s important to make sure that students have a well-rounded and balanced education. She loves to incorporate theory and composition in her lessons, as well as any music that each student may be interested in. Being fun and flexible in teaching is very important to Amanda. She enjoys finding ways to help each and every student flourish, in their own unique and individual way.

Outside of her work in music, you can find Amanda reading, watching movies and tv shows, playing video games, spending time with animals, and doing all kinds of crafts and baking.


Yvonne Usseni

Voice, Beginner Piano, TMS Group Class Instructor

Yvonne Usseni is a 5th year undergraduate student at the University of Victoria in the Music Education program. With a passion for learning alongside teaching, Yvonne is always developing her own conducting and vocal skills. As she continues her journey at UVic, she is excited to put her passion for music into teaching and guiding the next generation of musicians.


Specializing in voice and beginner piano, Yvonne has been performing for over a decade. Yvonne was a member of the BC Girls Choir for 11 years, and it was there where she became inspired to teach music. Yvonne has participated in many performances, festivals, competitions and workshops including the Conductor’s Symposium with the Vancouver Chamber Choir, and the Choral Da Capo Summer Conducting Course held by the BC Choral Federation.

Outside of music, Yvonne enjoys the world of Disney, spending time with her family and friends, and planning her next vacation destination.


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