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Little learners don't tend to sit still for long, and we don't expect them to! Our preschool music lessons are designed to teach them valuable skills, encourage them to make friends, and of course, have fun!

Music Lessons for Preschoolers!

Learning to play music has so many incredible benefits for little ones, like brain stimulation, language development, developing fine and gross motor skills, and learning emotional regulation (just to name a few!). Join us for a free preview lesson to experience our unique music programs.

Current Music Programs for Preschoolers

Preschool Music Lessons
Music & Me 
Ages 3 - 5

Music & Me offers 3 to 5 year olds a fun new way to explore music through singing, playing, and rhythm activities. This program is designed to make a child's first experience in learning music fun, positive, and stimulating. Music & Me leads to a life-long enjoyment of music. Students who complete this course will move on to our Piano Discovery course. Sign up today and watch your little one's confidence, self-esteem, and joy in learning soar! The following class times are available in our 2023/24 School Year: 3:00-3:30pm on Tuesdays with Christine 9:45-10:15am on Saturdays with Majid Tuition: $56.50/month + materials (Based on 38 lessons in the school year. Monthly fees are adjusted based on the time of registration).

Piano Lessons for Preschoolers
Piano Discovery 
Ages 4 - 5

Our Piano Discovery (PD) course is a unique program of weekly group piano lessons, designed to give your child the best possible start to music lessons. Each week, the children attend lessons that foster singing, keyboard playing, music reading, rhythm, music appreciation, creativity, and fun! Children that complete Piano Discovery Year 1 move into Piano Discovery Year 2. The following class times begin in September: PD1 5:00-5:45pm on Mondays with Amanda PD1 4:00-4:45pm on Wednesdays with Majid PD1 10:00-10:45am on Saturdays with Yvonne PD1 1:00-1:45pm on Saturdays with Majid Tuition: $89.75/month + materials (Based on 38 lessons in the school year. Monthly fees are adjusted based on the time of registration).

Five Benefits of Music Lessons for Preschoolers

Cognitive Development

Learning about rhythm, melody, and pitch helps improve memory, pattern recognition, and auditory processing skills for preschoolers.

Language and Communication Skills

Preschoolers who participate in music lessons often exhibit enhanced language skills, including vocabulary expansion, better pronunciation, and improved verbal expression.

Motor Skills and Coordination

Activities like clapping, dancing, and playing simple instruments help refine their hand-eye coordination, finger dexterity, balance, and spatial awareness. By engaging in rhythmic movements, children improve their motor skills while having fun.

Social and Emotional Development

Group activities, singing in a choir, and playing in ensembles foster social skills such as taking turns, listening to others, and collaborating. Music allows preschoolers to express their emotions and develop self-regulation

Creativity and Self-Expression

Music provides a means for preschoolers to express themselves authentically, develop a sense of identity, and it nurtures their creative thinking and problem-solving skills

What makes our music school different?

As humans and musicians, we all experience music differently which is why we train our teachers to be inclusive to meet the diverse needs of every student.

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