Music Wonderland
Ages 3 - 4


Date and Time: Saturdays with Nina 9:30-10:15am

Duration: September 2022 - June 2023

Tuition: $54.8 per month, plus Registration Fee, Student Deposit, 

and materials

Description: Music Wonderland offers 3 to 4 year olds a fun

new way to explore music through singing, playing, and rhythm

activities. Designed to make a child's first experience in learning

music fun, positive, and stimulating. Music Wonderland
leads to a life-long enjoyment of music. Students who complete

this course will move onto our Junior Music Course.

Junior Music Course
Ages 4 - 5 


Type: Yamaha Group Piano Lessons

Date and Times:


Wednesdays with Crystal 3:30-4:35pm


Fridays with Crystal 4:00-4:55pm


Saturdays with Nina 10:30-11:25am


Tuesdays with Christine 3:45-4:40pm

Duration: September 2022 - June 2023

Tuition: $80 per month, plus Registration Fee, Student Deposit,

and materials

Description: Group lessons put children at ease. Being among friends makes learning fun,

provides motivation, and builds confidence that will last a lifetime!

Our Junior Music Course (JMC) is a unique four year program of weekly group piano lessons, designed to give your child the best possible start to music lessons. Each week, the children attend lessons (accompanied by a parent) that foster singing, keyboard playing, music reading, percussion instruments, music appreciation, creativity, composition, and fun!

In our Primary Course for 4-5 year olds (the first two years), students will focus on music learning, ear training, and developing a good rhythmic sense. Graduates of the Primary Course advance to the second half of the program, Junior Extension, where the skills are refined with an emphasis on keyboard performance, sight singing, sight playing, ensemble work, and other creative musical activities.

To learn more about our Yamaha Music Programs, click here.