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String band for kids

Join R.I.S.E.!

Rock Island Symphonic Ensemble

Victoria’s premier string orchestra for young, enthusiastic musicians!

string band for kids

Get in touch with us now to book your audition time!

We are currently holding auditions 

for our 2023/2024 season. 

Taber Music School

Five Benefits of Joining R.I.S.E. String Orchestra

Supportive and Uplifting Environment

We foster positive connections for students with different and similar interests. These friendships can last a lifetime!

Similar to being on a sports team, musicians in an orchestra learn to develop their own personal skills, so that they can add to the skills of the group.

Learning Teamwork
Deepening a Sense of Responsibility

Musicians learn to care for instruments and rehearsal space as well as track improvement to see results when they put in the time and effort to practice.

Improved Cognitive Skills

Studies show that participating in orchestral programs offers higher success in other learning areas like math, reading and memory function.

Emotional Management

Listening to and playing music can reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory.

Meet Your Teachers

We believe music changes lives. Not only that but being in a group with other musicians creates community and where we feel we belong, we thrive. We're committed to creating safe spaces for kids and teens to feel a sense of purpose and belonging. If you think your child would be a great fit for R.I.S.E., please connect with us to book an audition!

Christopher Taber
Christoper Taber

Originally from Washington State, Christopher Taber received full scholarship to study at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and San Francisco State University, where he graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Music degree. Christopher has been a featured soloist with the Sooke Philharmonic Orchestra, Port Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Victoria Chamber Orchestra, and Port Townsend Symphony. He was Concertmaster of the Sooke Philharmonic Orchestra from 2004-2008. Christopher is currently a member of the Music Corner Ensemble, a group of four musicians that combine storytelling with classical music. He was also a core violinist in the Victoria Symphony.


Christopher loves teaching students of all ages to play the violin/viola. He uses all styles of music to inspire his students, with the goal to give them a life-long love of music.

Christine Taber
Christine Taber
Orchestra Manager

Christine is the owner of Taber Music School, here in Victoria, BC. She has had a long-lasting love of orchestral music and supporting youth in our community. Christine grew up in Victoria and spent much of her childhood attending concerts performed by the Greater Victoria Youth Orchestra, Sooke Philharmonic, and Victoria Symphony. She is thrilled to be a part of bringing R.I.S.E to young musicians. 


  • What age does my child need to be to play in R.I.S.E.?
    10-15 year olds with a minimum of two years playing experience.
  • What instruments are played in R.I.S.E.?
    Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass.
  • Why does my child need to audition?
    Auditions help us to ensure everyone in the group have skills to thrive together.
  • When are rehearsals?
    Orchestra rehearsals will take place weekly at Selkirk Montessori School, day and time TBA.
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