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Discover the joy of music

Music Lessons in Victoria BC For All Ages!

Piano, Guitar & Bass, Violin, Viola, Cello, and Voice.

Try out our music lessons with a FREE trial lesson.

Looking For Music Lessons in Victoria BC That Inspire Creativity and Confidence?

Look no further. Taber Music School is the place for you and your children to develop your musical skills

and have fun while you do!


Learning music happens best in a relaxed atmosphere full of fun and playfulness, and that's what you'll get at Taber Music. When it's fun, putting in the hard work of learning a new instrument can feel effortless.

All of our teachers are accomplished musicians who believe that music is for everyone and learning music is within anybody's grasp. Our teachers are trained to build their student's confidence

and keep them engaged and learning.

You'll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you or your children will make progress, which can only strengthen their desire to keep going and keep learning!

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We offer private and group music lessons in Victoria BC for all ages, from preschoolers to adults.

Is there an instrument you're drawn to? We can teach you how to play it! We teach a range of instruments, including: piano, guitar & bass, violin, viola, cello, and voice. Our music lessons in Victoria BC take place in comfortable, well-equipped music studios that are conducive to learning.

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Music Lessons for Preschoolers

Music is not only fun, it is also incredibly good for your child's cognitive development, motor and social skills. Our preschool programs introduce rhythm, singing, movement, and an introduction to many different instruments.

Music Lessons for Kids aged 6-12

Music offers a fun activity for children to let loose and relax. It will also turbo charge the academic learning they're doing in school since it aids with brain development and learning in general. We have group and private lesson options for kids.

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Music Lessons for Teens

Teens often need a healthy outlet for expression and music certainly fits the bill. Having a fun, engaging discipline such as music, enhances the ability to focus, reduces stress, and increases overall feelings of well-being. And all our teens enjoy learning music they love.

Music Lessons for Adults

Now is the time to start learning that instrument you've always wanted to play! For adults, music lessons offer relaxation and stimulation, as well as a fulfiling creative outlet. Our teachers are patient, funny, and skilled at working at just the right pace with our adult learners.

We Love Teaching Music, And Our Students Love Learning it!

"Our son has taken classes at Taber Music School for the last 8 years. He has gained an incredible amount of skill and feels quite comfortable performing music in front of an audience. We are happy to recommend Taber Music School to anyone. Easy 5 stars."

- Brian and Deb Bellows

Inspired to Play Some Music With Us?

Pick up your instrument and let's get started!

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